April Update

April Board Meeting

The ESU 9 Board met on Monday, April 9th. The meeting was moved up a week to capture extra time for construction planning purposes.  ESU 9 is now accepting bids to expand the parking lot and add to the conference room. Bids should be brought before the board for approval during the May board meeting.

District #5 Board Vacancy

The board advertised and accepted applications to fill the available board position. During the meeting, the board voted to accept Danna Wolford as the new board member from District #5. Mrs. Wolford will take the Oath of Office at our next board meeting. Welcome Danna.

Licensed Mental Health Practitioner (LMHP)

For the past several years, ESU 9 schools have been talking about the importance and growing need of mental health intervention. Due to requests, ESU 9 has hired Mrs. Megan Welch to work with our schools. Megan has great experience working with youth and families. She has spent the last several years working in Grand Island with Boys Town Behavior Health Services. Welcome Megan!

On a sad note, the board accepted the resignations of Paula Rutten, Paula Southworth and Jessica Moore.

Paula Rutten is retiring from her work with students and families that have deaf and hard of hearing needs. Paula Southworth has been hired by Blue Hill to continue her outstanding preschool teaching abilities. Finally, Jessica Moore will also be working in Blue Hill as a Title I Teacher and Preschool Coordinator. All of these employees will be missed!

So you know, we are still trying to hire for open positions in the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Department. Paula was not the only one to retire! We are also in the process of finalizing staff assignments based on school requests for next year. This is an ongoing process that will have an impact on current open positions, including the Director of Special Services. If you have questions, please let me know.

Four New Superintendents

Four ESU 9 area schools have hired new superintendents for the 2018-19 school year. They are as follows:

Doniphan-Trumbull Schools: Mr. Stan Hendricks

Silver Lake Public Schools: Mr. Josh Cumpston

Superior Public Schools: Mr. Martin Kobza

South Central Unified School District: Mrs. Julie Otero

Office Space

The Management Team has spent considerable time (emphasis added) allocating office space. When considering office space several aspects were evaluated including: job duties, proximity to the meeting rooms, how much time each employee is in the building, storage needs, etc.

After numerous deliberations, we have assigned people to office space at the new ESU 9 location. We are in the process of creating a laminated map of the facility (layout) and the aforementioned office spaces. You can find your current office assignment by looking at the map. Please understand that there still may be adjustments as we work through the moving process.

Moving Notes

You may know that Contryman & Associates are currently conducting business in our new facility. Contryman & Associates will be moving to a brand new building located directly to the north of our new facility along Osborne Drive West. We have been in close contact with them, and at this time, they are ahead of schedule. Although we still plan to move during the first week of July, we might be able to start a bit earlier. Please don’t forget to box your current offices, files, etc., so they are ready for the move.

2018-19 Opening Day

Although we have not yet finished the current school year, I wanted to request that you mark your calendars for the 2018-19 Opening Day. We will have our official kickoff on Thursday, August 16th. Typically, we try to schedule this event in conjunction with area school calendars. This year it’s a little different, so please plan accordingly. Right now, we are planning to have the event held at our new location on Osborne Drive West. Please keep in mind that we are at the mercy of construction timelines. In a perfect world, this will not be an issue. I will keep you updated either way.

Thank you all!


Kraig J. Lofquist, Ed.D.