August Update

Hello Everyone!

Labor Day 2018 is officially behind us. I wanted to touch base with you with this blog post, and let you know your work is appreciated.

The following are updates and important thoughts as we enter September.

August Board Meeting

The board received an update regarding the 2018-19 ESU 9 Budget, and most of the meeting was spent discussing the new facility. Specifically, as Gary Needham has alluded to in a prior message, construction is behind schedule. It looks like the conference room will not be completed until the end of October.

Opening Day Revisited

You may recall that I shared two important questions with you that come from Gallup Research. First, “Do you have a best friend at work?” Secondly, “Have you been told you are doing a good job in the last seven days?” Remember, if you want a friend, you have to be one, and it’s o.k. for you to reach out to someone to complement their work. Be proactive.

The Energy Bus

Many of you have shared that you have started reading the aforementioned book. Thanks for taking the first step. The following is what I shared in the Nines Lines Newsletter that was recently dispersed.

Rule #1: You’re the Driver of Your Bus

We all have it, and we all read it everyday, all day long. Energy. We bring a certain level of it into every situation, every conversation, every day. The only question is how much and how positive that energy is.

I was lucky enough to hear author and positive thinking guru,  Mr. Jon Gordon speak last year. I bought two of his books. The first three sentences in his book, The Power of Positive Leadership really struck a chord with me. Gordon writes:

“I’m not naturally a positive person. People think I am, because of my books and talks, but the truth is that I have to work hard to be positive.”

I was kind of shocked, but I admired Mr. Gordon’s honesty.  Mr. Gordon followed up those first three sentences with a very open anecdote that proved to be even more transparent. Let’s just say, Mr. Gordon experiences life the way most of us do.

In his book, The Energy Bus, Mr. Gordon introduces us to “George.” George has life happening to him, and he is pretty bummed and negative. Events unfold in George’s life that force him to take public transportation, and it changes his life.

The first lesson George learns is: You’re the Driver of Your Bus. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you are in control of your life. It seems we all forget that at one time or another. Have you ever asked yourself the following three questions?


  • My vision for my life (including my health) is?
  • My vision for my work, career, job is?
  • My vision for my relationship and family is?

No one has visions that include low or negative energy, but it takes dedication and intentionality (like Jon Gordon) to be positive and make those visions come true. If we all focus on those positive visions related to our life, health, work, relationships and family, the positive energy will pay off.

Stay tuned for Lesson #2.

Thank you for all you do.


Kraig J. Lofquist