May 2018

Another Successful Year

Let me start by sincerely thanking each and every one of you for all of your work this year. Well done! Also, to those of you who have an extended contract, please keep up the great work. It is truly appreciated.

Board Meeting

The ESU 9 Board met on Monday, May 21st. Several decisions were made regarding the new building. An addition will be added to the existing conference room. This work will start on, or around, Monday, June 11th and end on, or around, August 17th. Additionally, a company was hired to add to the existing parking lot. This work will start on or around June 1 and end on or around July 27th. We feel both projects will be completed ahead of schedule. Finally, a company will move the electronic portion of our current sign to the new facility and place it within the current “monument style” sign that is on location. This sign will be completed with an ESU 9 logo.

There were several other items the board addressed that are completed on an annual basis.

Finally, the board did accept four resignation. They were from Peggy Engberg, Kayla Jacobitz, Dawn Mohlman and Cece Gangwish. We wish these ladies the best. They have done an awesome job for ESU 9, students and families. Thank you all.

Accreditation Visitation

AdvanceEd will have a team of external visitors come to ESU 9 from Sunday, March 31 to Wednesday, April 3rd next year. So, we will be in the final stages of preparing for this visit when we convene next year. Thank you all for the work you have all done over the past four years.


It’s finally here. We have been informed that we will have several days available in June to move to the new building. The exact date has not yet been identified, but will probably be during the week of June 11-15. This will be the beginning of a long process.

Thank you again for all you do.


Kraig Lofquist