March Update

March Board Meeting

The ESU 9 Board met on Monday, March 19th. The board approved the Main Office Calendar for next year.

Facility Updates

Gary Needham is working to ensure that we have adequate Internet access at both locations when our moving process occurs. The board approved a contract with ALLO to ensure that necessity. They also received an update regarding the new building. Schematics and initial bids should be ready to go when the board meets again on Monday, April 9th.

Salary, Benefits & Employee Information

Also, on March 19th, salary and benefit information was discussed and acted upon for all employees who are not in the Education Association’s bargaining unit.

The board did accept the resignations of Regan Miller and Bethany Gerdes. We wish these two awesome preschool teachers the best in their future endeavors.

We also want to welcome new Speech/Language Pathologist, Mr. Jordon Messersmith. Jordon currently works with Lexington Public Schools, and he is originally from Hastings. Welcome home Jordon!

Moving Guidelines

  1. Paper and books are quite heavy.  They should go in smaller boxes, not to exceed the size of a copy paper box.  We will all appreciate this strategy!
  1.  The more we can use equal size boxes, the better.  They fit best and are damaged least when packed with no gaps.
  1.  Please DO NOT use damaged boxes for moving purposes. Make sure all boxes are both close-able and filled completely.  That is the only way to be sure they can be safely stacked as they are moved.

Auditors and Scanners (Janine, Lynda & Cindy P.)

I want to thank everyone who has already helped to make our move as easy as possible. Janine Uden has been AWESOME helping to audit files, so they can be scanned. Lynda Rempel and Cindy Paczkowski have been methodically scanning documents for months. The amount of work they have achieved is truly staggering!! Way to go ladies!!

Cleaning Day

Jackie Ediger has organized a cleaning/packing day at the main office for those who are available this coming Thursday, March 29th. Thank you for being proactive!


Kraig Lofquist