January Update

Building & Grounds Update

We have received bids from real estate agents/brokers to help us sell our current property. A board committee and the full board should decide in February who will be hired for this need.

We continue to scan all the documents we can to preclude moving old files to our new location. Many employees have started weeding out antiquated materials. Way to go, and please keep up this great work! The first batch of moving boxes have been ordered and should be here very soon.

January Board Meeting

Ken Spray was elected board president. Mary Yilk was elected vice-president and Rick Poppe was elected secretary for the ESU 9 Board.

Continuous Improvement Process (Committees)

As you know, we have four new committees: Climate, Community Outreach/Marketing, Communication and Data. Everyone is on a new committee for the purpose of our continuous improvement process. We tried our best to give you your first choice regarding committee assignments. We are looking forward to our initial meetings this spring.

Rhonda Fleischer is retiring!

If you have not yet heard, Rhonda is retiring at the end of this contract year. We cannot begin to thank “Rho” for all of the works she has done for students, educators and the State of Nebraska. She will be missed.