October 2017

Hello ESU 9,

As I write this post Nebraska is experiencing an awesome fall day. I hope your day is awesome too. Here are some important updates regarding ESU 9.

ESU 9 Board Meeting

The ESU 9 Board met this past Monday night. The board accepted the resignation of Mr. Dave Fisher who admirably served ESU 9 for 30 years. Thank you Dave for your leadership and years of service.

The board also voted to hire Mrs. Brittany Henderson who will work in our Transportation and Deaf & Hard of Hearing Departments. 

The board also voted to hire Mrs. Amy Donley, who is a speech-language pathologist.

Welcome Brittany and Amy!

Meal Reimbursement

The reimbursement for meals will remain the same for this school year. Here is a breakdown:

Breakfast: $7.00

Lunch: $11.00

Dinner: $23.00

Facility Update

As many of you know, we held a second tour of the new facility on October 5th. Thanks to those who attended. If anyone who has not yet toured the facility and would like to, please contact me directly.

The ESU 9 Building, Grounds, Transportation and Technology Committee will be meeting later this month to discuss the sale of our current property. Required renovations at the new facility will also be addressed. Additional parking spaces and signage options are also on the agenda.

Finally, you may recall that Gary Needham set up an electronic suggestion box for the new facility. We initially received around a dozen suggestions. Thank you to those of you who shared important thoughts and ideas. They were truly insightful and appreciated. If you have further suggestions, you can enter them here: New Facility Suggestion Box.

Imminent Move

It’s hard to believe, but moving day (July 1, 2018) will come up quickly. We are asking that you take a bit of time now and in the coming months to start tidying up and packing what can be packed now. This is the time to make decisions on older items that do not get used or are antiquated and have not been used in a long period of time.

Each box (or item) that will be moved to the new facility will be color coded and have a number on it that will correspond with the office/location at the new facility.

Many of you are “scanning” documents, so you will not have to move file cabinets of antiquated paper. Thank you for taking this initiative (WAY TO GO RHO!!).

ESU 9 Teaching & Learning Conference

This popular conference will be held next Monday, October 23rd. Kudos to all of those who make this a wonderful ESU 9 event possible!!

Thank you all for all you do.


Kraig Lofquist