September 2017

Hello ESU 9 Employees,

I hope this note finds you well. I am writing to share some updates with you.

As you know, we held a new facility tour on Thursday, September 7th, so employees could walk through the new building. This was very helpful to everyone. First, employees got to see first hand the new facility, and after seeing the layout and specifics, they had the ability to ask questions. I will be sending out another survey in the near future, so those that wish to take a tour (or see the facility again) may do so. Finally, Gary Needham has sent you a “suggestion box“. Please feel free to enter your comments. We have received eleven so far. Thank you!

Board Meeting

Last night during the ESU 9 Board meeting, the board approved the 2017-18 ESU 9 budget. They also voted to approve the hiring of Kim Laravie, a para-professional at the Adams County Early Learning Center. Welcome Kim!!

Support Staff Changes

We have many duty transitions going on right now due to the retirement of three long-term clerical staff members.  Conversations regarding the changes in duties are ongoing; we are not handing any one person the duties belonging to each of the retirees.  Here are some updates that have a procedural impact on many ESU staff:

  • Deliveries will now be coordinated through Janine Uden.  Additionally, outbound deliveries waiting for a ride will be in a cabinet by Janine’s desk.  Each school has a magnetic label indicating if items are waiting to be taken.  Please check the labels on the cabinet if you are in the office and heading to a school.  If you have items that need to get to a particular school, this is how the deliveries will be coordinated.
  • Janine has taken many of the duties that Dolores Utecht performed for the Media and Technology Department. The Media Center phone number has been added to the main phone pool since the media staff are now located in different parts of the ESU 9 building.  (The 18+ program has its own number, published in the personnel directory).  You may also reach 18+ via the main  ESU 9 phone number.
  • As of September 1st, Jan Hughes is now half-time until December 22 when she officially retires. We are distributing Jan’s duties to relevant parties. Additional updates will be passed on later.
  • Cindy Paczkowski will be taking the early morning bus route changes, and Cindy Nejezchleb will cover the rest of the day when Pat retires. Pat’s last day is Friday, September 18th.
  • Pat has worn many hats, and her retirement is recent enough that we are still working through some of the details.  Please contact Cindy Nejezchleb if you have questions, and she will either answer them or point you in the right direction.

Thank you all for all you do.


Kraig J. Lofquist